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Welcome children, into the dark, blood-soaked realm of Hidden Hands the videogame. Hidden Hands is a survival first-person horror created in 2.5D, which is an engine that was made famous by DOOM, Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem 3D. It is considered an obsolete engine now in the mainstream gaming market but on the underground independent scene, it thrives.


Shooting Reptilians Zombie in Mason Lodge Demoniacs Roaming


Aidan HUDHidden Hands follows the story of one man, Aidan, who with his friend Martin return to his childhood home in order to uncover the dark secret of his once-girlfriend's death. Upon arriving at the house, the two friends discover a tape recorder filled with his late girlfriends voice, speaking about an ancient evil spirit of another world that is secretly in control of the Earth through the figureheads known as PoliticiansRoyaltyBankers and Freemasons. Unfortunately, the tape also includes an ancient Masonic Ritual with incantations that evoke these demons and awaken them to your presence. They possess your friend Martin and you are left with no choice but to butcher him with an axe.


After burying him in the back garden you realise that this evil is not going to go away by itself.... It knows you know about it and its secret control of Earth..... Your whole house is swarming with awakened evil, and it’s now up to you to put a stop to it. At the root of the problem... Wherever that may be....


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