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Deciple of Baphomet

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Rogues Gallery

Listed here are the Illuminati monsters you will encounter in the game including best strategy for dealing with them.





Devil's appear as black shadow beasts with large wings and small cloven hooves and they are the standard demons of Hidden Hands. They are the evil spirits that are in control of the Earth through possession of Humans and Chitauri, including the zombie-like humans you meet in the game. Their main ability is possession of course, but they are not limited to it as they also manifest in physical form to slash at you with their razor sharp claws. They do not take much damage before evaporating back into their own dimension, usually a well aimed shotgun shell or two will dispatch of them fairly easily. However, be careful as they often pop up in places to catch you by surprise, such as out of cupboards and behind walls or doors. And if they manage to surround you they can do quite a bit of damage. They are very fast, flying towards you to claw your eyes out on sight. 



Vomit Devil


VOMIT DEVIL (Devil's Flute)

Vomit Devil's are the much slower but also much larger cousins of the standard Devil's. They also have a tendency to attack in a very different way to the others. Instead of clawing your eyes out they prefer to projectile vomit into your face. Not only is this yucky, but it is of course also poisonous. And to make it even worse, their vomit doesn't only hurt you - it poisons the air around where you are standing, meaning only one thing - you have to keep moving if you are to have any chance at defeating these beasts. Fortunately, they don't often appear more than one at a time, but that being said, they can really give you a run for your money. Do not take them lightly. Equip the Super Shotgun and keep moving!





Zombie Tony

Zombies are the decomposed corpses of the long dead and are equipped with a knife which they will NOT hesitate to shove in your ribcage. However, they are very slow and very weak and can be dispatched with as little as one swish with an axe. But there may be times when you are a little outnumbered and that's when they become a bit of an issue.

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